AsphaltPro Staff

Jul 25, 2019

Nonstandard Work in Construction Impacts Safety

The construction industry has more nonstandard workers than almost any other industry, and these workers are at a greater risk for occupational injuries, illnesses and other adverse health outcomes as a result of their work arrangement. It’s important to understand who among your employees is considered nonstandard and to think about how you might improve the safety of these workers in your organization.

BY AsphaltPro Staff

Legislation & Funding

Jan 09, 2019

PAVELAB 50 PaveAnalyzer: The Case for Automated Asphalt Extraction

The automated asphalt extraction is an innovative, efficient, quick and safe solvent-based extraction of asphalt binder from asphalt mixtures, to characterize and control the quality of asphalt mixtures by measuring asphalt content and studying the aggregate gradations. This method is used for quality control and assurance, acceptance criteria, and research activities. The PaveAnalyzer is designed […]

BY Khaled Hasiba, P.E.

Oct 24, 2018

Illinois Brings Paving Technology Forward

Each year, asphalt professionals gather to share the latest technical information and review field reports in the area of hot-mix asphalt (HMA) construction at the Illinois Bituminous Paving Conference. It’s a compact, one-day program that brings together highway and technical engineers, contractors, government officials, and consultants. The conference is designed specifically for people actively involved […]

BY AsphaltPro Staff