Partner Courses

Considering the importance of training for safety, uptime and quality, companies that emphasize training for their work force give themselves a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Veteran employees probably know exactly what they’re doing. But do they know what they’re doing with the new technology? Do they know how to teach new recruits who will be in charge of quality next season or the season after?

Check out the training opportunities listed below, find one that fits your schedule and your employee training needs, and bring your crew up to bonus-worthy preparedness.


Asphalt Paving 101 Online Course

AsphaltPro Magazine hosts the Asphalt Paving 101 online training course for a fee to learn in the areas of paving/compaction, QC/QA in the field, pavement maintenance, and heavy equipment maintenance.

Astec Industries

Astec Advanced Customer Schools

Astec offers in-person training in the asphalt plants category at its Jerome Avenue location for Astec customers who pre-register. Astec also offers in-person training at the Astec Road Construction Technical Training and virtual paving training separately for customers and dealer techs. There is a fee for training. For more information, visit Astec’s website for more info.

Gencor Industries Inc.

Gencor Advanced Training School

Gencor Industries offers the Gencor Advanced Training School in-person for hot mix asphalt producers that own and operate HMA facilities for a fee. Visit Gencor’s website to learn more.

WEM Automation LLC

WEM Training School

WEM Automation LLC offers the WEM Training school offers in-person and online training for all employees who use the products. Its 2022 WEM Asphalt Conference (in-person) will be held Feb. 8-10, 2022. There is a fee. For more information, visit WEM’s website.