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Modern Asphalt: Stronger, Sustainable Road Repairs (Sponsored by Modern Asphalt)

The whitepaper on Modern Asphalt’s Cold Patch presents a revolutionary road material that marries environmental sustainability with enhanced quality and cost-effectiveness. It details extensive lab-scale tests and real-world applications, showcasing a significant 250% increase in mix stiffness without compromising workability. The product, leveraging solid carbon captured from natural gas, offers substantial emissions reduction and stronger, more durable asphalt. This cutting-edge development promises to reshape road repairs, balancing budgetary constraints with environmental responsibility.

PaveScan RDM® 2.0 Technical White Paper (Sponsored by GSSI)

Learn how non-destructive—and non-nuclear—testing equipment can help you identify and correct issues in your asphalt mat. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) technologies such as the PaveScan RDM 2.0 from GSSI offers a dielectric profiling system to detect outliers and anomalies in compaction in time to adjust rolling patterns or mix parameters. Dive in for techniques, equations and evaluations.

Your Building Blocks for Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

This quick start guide from Holmes Murphy’s Cal Beyer outlines a series of strategies to implement quickly for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of employees in your company. Galvanize top-down leadership and incorporate positives in your EAP to help employees with all levels of mental health wellness. 

How to Maintain the Roller

Avoid pitfalls and downtime when the roller operator turns proxy mechanic. AsphaltPro has gathered tips and tried-and-true practices from experts over the years into one solid, back-to-basics, easy-to-follow guide.

How to Place an Ultra-Thin Lift

There’s no room for error when the asphalt lift is ¾-inch (or less) thick. Check out this free download to learn how to execute the job optimally.

How to Start Your Own Asphalt Paving Business

Check out this free download for some guidance from experts to help you build a plan for a successful start to your asphalt paving business.

How to Stripe ADA-Compliant Parking Lots

More than 30 years after the birth of the Americans With Disabilities Act, compliance with the law can still be confusing. Check out our whitepaper on how to stripe a lot that meets ADA requirements and local codes to keep your lots compliant and your customers out of the courthouse.

PQI and SDG Technology Technical White Paper
(Sponsored by TransTech)

If you’re interested in learning more about non-nuclear, rapid density measurement of asphalt or soil, the research team at TransTech Systems, Inc. offers a detailed deep dive into their impedance-based technical approach to measuring the dielectric constants below the surface. Learn how Maxwell’s Equations help solve for your best quality control via non-nuclear density reading, even considering surface water.

How to Maintain the Crusher

Download this handy guide for five best practices that everyone from crusher operators to on-site mechanics need to keep in mind to ensure the crusher gives its best performance.

Your Guide to Asphalt Mix Delivery

Learn what FMCSA data logging means for your operation, which new practices improve mix loadout and fleet management, how to enhance haul truck components for improved safety and workflow, and tips for better paving performance through excellent asphalt mix delivery.

How to Maintain Your Paver

Keep equipment in excellent repair and it will keep you in business. One of the first steps in any operator’s equipment training should be how to clean and maintain the machine. Complete the form below to receive a clear and concise guide for daily, weekly and routine maintenance for the heart of your paving train.

Case Study: the Plant Permitting Process

Whether you need to obtain the permit for your first plant or your fourth, use this guidance to help you prepare for town hall meetings, zoning meetings and additional steps in the asphalt plant permitting process.

How to Build a Safety Edge

Around North America, DOTs and agencies recognize that placing a safety edge on a rural roadway saves lives. With more of these edges being specified, you can bet your crew will be called upon to put one down. Do it right from start to yes-we-can-compact-this finish with this clear and concise guide from your staff at AsphaltPro magazine. We’ve taken a close look at technology and techniques to give you the steps for building a gently sloping safety edge.

Plant Maintenance Checklist

Request a copy of this comprehensive 25-page inspection checklist, developed over 20 seasons of involvement with asphalt plants in various parts of North America now to make sure nothing has been missed.