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How to Maintain the Crusher

Download this handy guide for five best practices that everyone from crusher operators to on-site mechanics need to keep in mind to ensure the crusher gives its best performance.

Your Guide to Asphalt Mix Delivery

Learn what FMCSA data logging means for your operation, which new practices improve mix loadout and fleet management, how to enhance haul truck components for improved safety and workflow, and tips for better paving performance through excellent asphalt mix delivery.

How to Maintain Your Paver

Keep equipment in excellent repair and it will keep you in business. One of the first steps in any operator’s equipment training should be how to clean and maintain the machine. Complete the form below to receive a clear and concise guide for daily, weekly and routine maintenance for the heart of your paving train.

Case Study: the Plant Permitting Process

Whether you need to obtain the permit for your first plant or your fourth, use this guidance to help you prepare for town hall meetings, zoning meetings and additional steps in the asphalt plant permitting process.

Complete and submit the form below to request a copy of this must have guide and you’ll receive a link to the pdf immediately via email.

How to Build a Safety Edge

Around North America, DOTs and agencies recognize that placing a safety edge on a rural roadway saves lives. With more of these edges being specified, you can bet your crew will be called upon to put one down.

Do it right from start to yes-we-can-compact-this finish with this clear and concise guide from your staff at AsphaltPro magazine. We’ve taken a close look at technology and techniques to give you the steps for building a gently sloping safety edge.

Before you can recommend a pavement maintenance method for your new client, you must evaluate what’s taking place on his pavement surface or in its base. From types of cracking to oxidation severity, you get to be the pavement doctor performing diagnosis and suggesting treatment.

Fill out the form below to get your comprehensive guide to evaluating pavements so you can be prepared to serve any and all clients with the right treatment at the right time.