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To keep equipment safe and out of the way, Brahney tries to park equipment close together on the lot. All photos courtesy of Steve Brahney.

How to Stage Paving Equipment for Multi-Day Commercial Projects

Here’s what you should have on hand and where it needs to be throughout the day for an organized and efficient job site. You’re on a...
Rick Eddington welds the cold feed bins.

E.T. Simonds Materials Uses Winter Downtime to Update Campbell Hill Location

At E.T. Simonds Materials’ Campbell Hill, Illinois, location, the company had been operating a 1967 model Stansteel batch plant for over 30 years. Beck Simonds, president, shared why it was time for an upgrade. “The primary reason was due to the age of the existing plant, and we wanted to do more recycling.” While the […]


Ray-Tech Infrared’s AGG/RAP Heater System

At the asphalt plant, moisture, emissions and fuel inefficiency are the enemy. To help reduce moisture in reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) being fed to the plant, the team at Ray-Tech Infrared Corp., Charlestown, New Hampshire, has introduced its AGG/RAP heating system. According to the manufacturer, it is a clean burning fuel efficient infrared heating system […]

Professionals suggest tuning the burner every spring. Perform all maintenance work when the gas is off and proper lockout/tagout procedures are met. Photo courtesy Chris Harrison.

Lock Out/Tag Out For Safe Plant Maintenance

With the number of moving parts and many pieces of heavy machinery at an asphalt plant, employees must be on alert for safe operations at all times. Even when moving parts stop, safety should be top of mind. Susan Lasser, J.D., prepared an article for Products Liability Law Daily Dec. 16, 2014, that included the […]


Best Practices for Asphalt Overlays and Thin Lifts

When it comes to minor surface distress, sometimes the best option is to perform an overlay. “Overlays have some distinct advantages compared to less costly surface maintenance treatments,” said Terry Humphrey, a training consultant at Caterpillar Paving Products, Peoria, Illinois. “In addition to sealing shallow fatigue cracks, overlays add strength to the existing structure and […]

Perth was the fastest-growing city in Australia. Jackson Asphalt has completed over 11,500 asphalt projects.

Here’s How the Aussies Build a Parking Lot

By Sam Wade Jackson Asphalt, Maddington, Australia, completes hundreds of car parks a year. The company is located in a growing area where new construction is in high demand. The process for installing a new car park is straightforward and, as long as each part of the process is followed and checked before moving on […]


Around the Globe: January

Asphalt industry news from around the world Asia-Pacific Grand View Research released a report during second quarter 2016 indicating the Asia Pacific region was the dominant market for bitumen during 2015, accounting for more than 33 percent of the global volume of asphalt use—that use being for all sectors of construction from roadways to adhesives. […]

In this picture, we see that the crew is moving down the lane with a good head of material extending to the endgate. The mix is reaching the endgate sufficiently to build the edge of the pavement, but you will want to watch your tunnel placement also. Photo courtesy Chris Harrison.

How to Protect the Feed Sensor, Protect Quality and Save Money at the Paver

  When the feed sensor costs between $1,500 and $2,000 to replace and you have one on each side of the screed, you want them to last throughout the paving season. Here’s how to increase the chances of protecting the feed sensor from contamination, and protecting the quality of your mat at the same time. […]


Meet the National Exec: Dan Gallagher

  The AsphaltPro staff continues the tradition of introducing the incoming chairman of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) with 2017 Chairman Daniel Joseph Gallagher. He’ll be inducted during the 2017 annual meeting Jan. 27 through Feb. 1 in Orlando. He is the vice president and CFO of Gallagher Asphalt Corp., working among the company’s […]


Prepare for New Administration’s Employment, Workplace Law Changes

By Lorraine D’Angelo Many have heard that the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States will bring regulatory change. Barack Obama implemented several pieces of policy, most by Executive Order, which were slated for implementation in the upcoming months. We are likely to see changes in immigration, labor relations […]

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