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Using a Cat AP1055F paver with an Integral dx spray paving system attachment requires also using a shutte buggy.

Austin Materials Sprays to Play in Texas

When Phil Foley moved from Maine to Buda, Texas, 1.5 years ago to work for Austin Materials and Industrial Asphalt and Aggregates as their VP of...

LeeBoy’s 8520 Asphalt Paver

The 8520 asphalt paver from LeeBoy, Lincolnton, North Carolina, may look like the company’s 8515 asphalt paver, but its stretched frame packs a powerful punch when it comes to commercial paving. By extending the frame by about one foot, LeeBoy was able to accommodate a larger hopper and a bigger engine–a 106-hp Kubota Tier IV […]

Asphalt Paving 101: Train Online, Anywhere, Anytime, Rain or Shine

Crews that train right get bonuses. It’s that simple. Employees that understand what they’re supposed to do and how it affects the bottom line are more likely to leave behind a quality mat. So, it’s important that every paving company is providing their crews with the training they need to succeed on the job. The […]

The new Cobra 230 impact crusher from EvoQuip worked at the Blue Open Day in July.

New and Updated Production Equipment Focuses on Quality

While some producers in the north already gear up for season shut-down, many asphalt professionals continue to race the calendar for production of tons at this time of year. This month’s product gallery focuses on the most recent plant, lab, and quarry bits and pieces available to help you get those tons efficiently. ADM Asphalt […]

Around the Globe: October

China A variety of sources reported during the first quarter of this year that China would impose a “consumption” tax on aromatics, light cycle oil (LCO) and bitumen blends in an effort to prevent Chinese buyers from importing LCO and then selling it as low-grade diesel. The cost increase from the consumption tax—which was estimated […]

Benefit From ELD Compliance

By Silvia Zicherman Safety has always been a concern in the commercial trucking industry. In response, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a mandate Dec. 16, 2015, in the Federal Register designed to combat driver fatigue, increase reporting accuracy and minimize road accidents through the required use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). The […]

Balance Your Mix Design for Asphalt

By Fabricio Leiva In September 2015, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Expert Task Group on Mixtures and Construction formed a Balanced Mix Design Task Force. This group defined balanced mix design (BMD) as “asphalt mix design using performance tests on appropriately conditioned specimens that address multiple modes of distress taking into consideration mix aging, traffic, […]

Dan Scherschligt was recruited to be KAPA's executive director four years ago after retiring from the Kansas DOT.

An Interview with Dan Scherschligt of Kansas Asphalt Pavement Association

The Kansas Asphalt Pavement Association, based in Topeka, Kansas, and has 18 asphalt producer members, which accounts for about 95 percent of the asphalt production companies in Kansas. KAPA was formed in 1955 and, for the past four years, Dan Scherschligt has served as KAPA’s executive director. Scherschligt has a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering […]

These motors are stored with tags to show the last dates of inspections. Photo courtesy ALL-TEST Pro.

How to Store a Motor for Optimal Use Later

From ALL-TEST Pro As asphalt professionals around North America gear up for season shut down, a few items go into the shop for the winter. You order new parts for next season and those go on the shelf as well. That’s good planning. Here’s some good advice from the team at ALL-TEST Pro LLC, Old […]

TPF Inc.’s RAPTOR Probe

Overfills of liquid asphalt cement (AC) can result in wasted material and serious injury. To help tanker truck drivers and operators at terminals and asphalt plants avoid overfills, TPF Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio, has introduced the Rapid Analog Pressure Temperature Overfill Response (RAPTOR) System. Here’s how it works. A 24-inch stainless steel, gas-filled probe is […]

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