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i-Guard Stops the Thief

 i-Guard Stops the ThiefStrattec® Security Corporation, Milwaukee, has released i-Guard, its latest anti-theft solution, developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. Equipment theft has escalated over the past decade across North America, with estimated losses ranging from $300 million to $1 billion annually. Of the 1,000 pieces of equipment reported . . .(Read More)

In for the Long Haul

In for the Long HaulThe MHD G2 SPE with 20 driven axle lines and electronic multi-mode steering system has to perform in a tropical climate with salty air, hot ambient temperatures and tough operating conditions for Addax Petroleum in Nigeria. OEM Nicolas Industrie S.A.S. of France said the vehicle is ready for the adverse . . .(Read More)

Powerscreen Helps Crush Illegal Trade

Powerscreen Helps Crush Illegal TradeOn Nov. 14, U.S. federal officials used a Powerscreen® impact crusher to pulverize 6 tons (5.4 tonnes) of illegal elephant ivory to discourage poachers and wildlife traffickers. The “Ivory Crush” event took place at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Property Repository at Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife . . .(Read More)

Astec Offers New Controls

Astec Offers New ControlsReaders have seen the Data Acquisition System Hub (DASH) from Astec Industries, which brings relevant plant data to an operator’s fingertips on just about any Flash-enabled device, but a family of asphalt plant controls now supplements DASH to provide something for everyone. Let’s look at what the company is launching . . .(Read More)

Gill Streams Weather

Gill Instruments, Ltd., has launched a new data solutions platform called MetStream, which it showcased alongside other products from a range of ultrasonic anemometers at the Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels. Comprised of a hub and supporting software, MetStream enables users to obtain multi-channel data via one single unit . . .(Read More)

Honeywell Seals Safety

Honeywell Seals SafetyAt the end of September, Honeywell of Smithfield, R.I., launched the Uvex Livewire™ sealed eyewear. Based on research and fit-testing, the Uvex Livewire frame provides a gap-free fit that seals out debris. The Uvextreme® Plus coating provides anti-fog protection and scratch-resistance. The style is also available with Dura-streme® technology that . . .(Read More)

IROCK Wheels Jaw Onto the Scene

IROCK Wheels Jaw Onto the SceneIROCK Crushers of Valley View, Ohio, has introduced the wheeled jaw crusher 2644 (WJC-2644). They recommend it for use as a primary crusher. It’s designed to process hard rock, recycled concrete, sand and gravel, and slag. It’s powered by a 350-horsepower Caterpillar® C-9 ACERT Tier 3 engine to produce up to . . .(Read More)

Bomag Tandem Rollers Use Less Fuel

Bomag Tandem Rollers Use Less FuelThe BW141AD-5 and BW151AD-5 tandem vibratory rollers from BOMAG Americas, Inc., headquartered in Kewanee, Ill., feature a new frame design for clear visibility and Tier 4 engines for a variety of asphalt compaction jobs. The water-cooled diesel engines are 73.2-horsepower Kubotas. Offering 59-inch and 66-inch working widths, respectively, the BW141AD-5 . . .(Read More)

Protect Crushers Downstream

Protect Crushers DownstreamRecycling and/or crushing facilities that have installed a magnetic separator along their conveyors may still find contaminant in their product. The team at Eriez, in Erie, Pa., recommends putting more than one contraption to work for your operation. By matching a powerful magnetic separator alongside a highly-sensitive metal detector you . . .(Read More)

Bergkamp Fills Holes

Bergkamp Fills Holes With the introduction of a new spray injection patcher product family, Bergkamp, Inc., Salina, Kan., offers a complete suite of pothole patching solutions. The truck-mounted SP5 and SP8 spray injection patchers are equipped with a dual chamber (60/40) aggregate hopper to allow the distribution of two different gradations of aggregate . . .(Read More)

Automate Viscosity Test

Automate Viscosity Test Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, Mass., has released its RheocalcT Software to give lab techs control of both instrument and test parameters. RheocalcT is designed to give the operator the ability to fully automate viscosity testing from a dedicated PC when using the new DV3T Touch Screen Rheometer and the new DV2T . . .(Read More)


IROCK RAPs The RDS-15 Horizontal Impact Crushing Plant from IROCK Crushers of Valley View, Ohio, is a rapid deployment system for portability and rapid set-up. The company describes it as a versatile, compact crushing and screening system that can process a variety of products including smaller materials such as reclaimed asphalt pavement . . .(Read More)

Orange University

Orange UniversityOfficials of Eriez®, Erie, Pa., now offer a white paper titled “Orange University®: An Eriez Educational Concept to Help Industries Understand and Apply Innovative Technologies.” The document gives a comprehensive overview of the Eriez mobile training unit and explains that the mobile training and education center continually travels North America. . . .(Read More)

Clean Up

Clean Up Kafko International, Skokie, Ill., offers the Oil Eater Flex Line parts washers that include ready-to-use units with basic, premium and professional level features. The water-based systems have a modular design, interchangeable features and add-on options. Each includes six gallons of Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser and a three-year limited warranty. The basic . . .(Read More)

BOMAG Expands Territory

BOMAG Expands Territory At the end of July, officials from BOMAG Americas, Inc., Kewanee, Ill., announced the expansion of Five Star Equipment Inc.’s territory into northeastern Pennsylvania. In the expanded Pennsylvania territory and in eastern New York, Five Star will specialize in soil and landfill compaction with BOMAG’s line of single drum and . . .(Read More)

App Sheds Light on Tower Placement

App Sheds Light on Tower Placement Responding to a growing need for assistance in determining the number and placement of portable light towers on a given worksite, Allmand Bros., Inc., Holdrege, Neb., offers an iPad/iPhone application to help. It’s available free through the Apple App Store. Although the app is developed and offered by Allmand, it . . .(Read More)

Control Stack Temperature with Astec’s V-Pack™

Control Stack Temperature with Astec’s V-Pack™How many mix types do you run in a week’s time? Does the frequent change in mix types, temps and moistures wreak havoc on your stack temperature? The team at Astec has developed a patent-pending product to assist. Here are the product specs on the V-Pack™ Stack Temperature Control System . . .(Read More)

3,000 Screens

3,000 ScreensJohnson Crushers International, Inc. (KPI-JCI), Eugene, Ore., recently celebrated the shipment of its 3,000th screen, marking nearly $200 million in revenue for the company from screen sales and providing 47 high-quality, U.S.-based jobs to its skilled workforce Triple-shaft horizontal screens were originally invented in Eugene, Ore., by Louis Johnson, who founded . . .(Read More)

Steel Tank Institute Honors Hamilton

Steel Tank Institute Honors HamiltonHamilton Tanks, LLC, a division of Meeker Holding Company, Columbus, Ohio, has received top honors in the tank industry for its shop fabricated, split-compartment, 30,000-gallon portable asphalt storage tank. The Steel Tank Institute named Hamilton Tanks’ customized asphalt storage tank the “Shop Fabricated Tank of the Year” in its annual . . .(Read More)

Mobile Time Cards are Here

Mobile Time Cards are HereConstruction software developer HCSS has added a mobile phone time card to its selection of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. It will allow foremen and superintendents in the field to enter time and see job production data on their smartphones. With the HeavyJob mobile phone time card app, foremen and . . .(Read More)

Equipment Maintenance
Grease Squeaky Wheel Myths
The wheels of industry turn on bearings, so why do the wheels often vibrate, clatter, squeak, drag and overheat? Bearings can fail for lots of reasons. Most failures (as shown in Figure 1) are related to lubrication and contamination, but myths and misconceptions handed from one generation of maintenance engineers to the next perpetuate many avoidable problems. These myths fall into three general areas of bearing use: installation, misapplication and lubrication.
Monitor, Diagnose Recycling Operations Remotely
The mythology, legends and folklore surrounding turtles span the globe and history. From the magical significance of turtles found in ancient Earth-creation stories to the masked heroes of the more current day Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the turtle reigns. Turtles have long been depicted as strong, steady and wise, which are characteristics that The Turtle Companies of central Florida try to abide by.
Preserve Parts, Environment with Powder Process
One component of equipment maintenance we can’t overlook is preventing corrosion. A variety of parts and pieces from underbody automotive parts to hydraulic cylinders are eligible for the Zirconization™ pretreatment and powder-coating process. Such a finish also serves the asphalt and crushing industry, and the engineers at Kolberg-Pioneer, Inc. (KPI-JCI), Yankton, S.D., have developed the process for more than the typical plant features you’d expect.
Maintain Tack Truck for Best Preservation Success
Placing a tack coat helps open-graded friction courses (OGFC) succeed as mill and fill surfaces. This makes your distributor truck more valuable in the paving train. Let’s look closely at how to perform maintenance on these trucks and distribute material with them. The operator must pay close attention to detail.
Avoid Dangerous Drag Chain Failures
1975. That was the first year I saw an asphalt plant. It was a 1952 StanSteel RM-40 batch plant one year younger than I was. Since that day I have operated and worked on many hundreds of the things and have seen many that were broken. Until August of this year, I’d never seen a broken drag conveyor chain. Then, within a 10-day window, I’d seen two.
Skew Trunnions for Less Wear
It’s part of life at the asphalt plant that the dryer or rotary mixer or drum mixer that runs on an incline is going to march downhill. Its own weight and the weight of the aggregate and mix inside develop a downhill axial thrust that, over time, will force the equipment to slip a bit. You stop this phenomenon from causing unnecessary wear to your equipment by skewing the trunnion rollers that cradle the dryer or mixer every so often.

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