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Mitigate Operator Fatigue with a Wristband

Switching from nighttime to daytime paving, working long hours in one cab or any number of off-the-job factors can result in worker fatigue during the job....

Alaska Uses Continuous, Full Coverage Testing to Detect Quality

By Rob Sommerfeldt The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities is on the front line when it comes to promoting new technologies that give them continuous, full coverage asphalt pavement density testing for road paving projects. Continuous testing uses multiple inputs to look for failure zones and has a high probability of detecting defects […]

Mining with the ALLU Transformer M-Series

From ALLU An area that has seen benefits of the ALLU Transformer range is surface mining operations. The Transformer is designed to fit an excavator or loading shovel, which works for large scale surface mining operations where transportability is a requirement of material handling equipment. With many units now working throughout Brazil, one such application […]

Astec’s Generation 3 Warm-mix System

Astec’s Generation 3 Warm-mix System

As the industry’s use of warm-mix asphalt (WMA) increases, options for foaming the liquid asphalt cement (AC) meet new technology. The team from Astec Industries, Chattanooga, Tennessee, released the Generation 3 warm-mix system December 2017 to allow producers to make WMA mix designs without chemical additives. Here’s how it works. The Gen3 apparatus is installed […]

When setting the angle of attack, make adjustments carefully. You’ll turn the bolt a quarter of an inch and then double-check the nose of the screed. You won’t need large adjustments.

Check the Angle of Attack

The screed is supposed to float along, smoothing out the mix in an even, beautiful black lane. When the screed tilts sharply to the front or back, it will affect material placement and experience wear and tear on the bottom of the screed plates. These are not good things to have happening if your goal […]

Cat’s new CB13 is in the 13-ton class.

New and Updated Paving Equipment for 2018

World of Asphalt/AGG1 2018 is here, so original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are hard at work putting the final engineering touches on products they’ll introduce in Houston this month. One of those OEMs is Hamm, with North American headquarters in Antioch, Tennessee, introducing a new concept for fuel-efficient compactive efforts. Another is Ammann Group with headquarters […]

Sanders Brothers Stretches South Carolina Footprint

It all started with a single truck more than 50 years ago. Sanders Brothers Construction Company, Charleston, South Carolina, got its start in the mid-60s when Jimmy and Elliot Sanders started hauling with their single axle dump truck. Then, in the early ’70s, the brothers acquired their first asphalt plant in North Charleston and acquired […]

Hickey was practicing law prior to joining the asphalt industry. His most rewarding experience since joining APAO has been being recognized less as a lawyer and more as a knowledgeable industry representative.

Meet the State Exec: APAO’s John Hickey

The Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon was first formed in 1969. Now, the Salem, Oregon-based association boasts 45 producer and contractor members that represent 97 percent of the tons produced in Oregon. APAO holds its annual meeting in December and the Oregon Asphalt Pavement Conference in February or March each year. “We bring in experts […]

Take Care of your Back

One of the clichés we use in language is to call something “the backbone” of an entity. If a person is dependable and integral to holding an organization together, we call her the backbone of the company. It’s a compliment. It’s based on a vital component within our bodies: the spine. Our care of this […]

Around The Globe—March

Canada Coaldale’s Municipal Planning Commission voted at the end of January three to two, to approve the construction of an asphalt plant and crusher. The Southern Alberta Newspapers reported that the owners and partners of the asphalt plant are Ground Breakers Construction, J.B. Construction, Leighton Kolk and a handful of associated business, all of whom […]

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