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This year, Mid-Ohio Paving is making 50,000 tons of hot mix, putting down 35,000 on its own, and completing large-scale commercial and industrial jobs and small town municipal paving projects.

Mid-Ohio Paving Grows its Hot Mix Goals

When Jim Nichols first purchased a parallel flow asphalt plant in 2008, he thought he was in over his head. But he also knew it was...
The Boxley crew had a number of triangles and changing widths to pave on this segmented project, but they communicated well and worked together the way a veteran crew should.

Plan Water Flow Before Paving

Whether you’re constructing a new route for the state or building a new parking lot for a private customer, the direction the water flows off the pavement matters. An engineer probably took care of the plan, but now your crew has to execute that plan. For Boxley Paving, Salem, Virginia, the team put together a […]

This worker holds the EVIR pad near an RFID tag on a forklift.

Mobile Fleet Inspections Offer Efficiency

In the June 2013 edition of AsphaltPro, we shared the inner workings of the Guardian telematics from Roadtec, Chattanooga. Since then, we’ve shared updates to that system and innovations in other OEMs’ telematics. At the 2016 World of Asphalt trade show in Nashville, I visited with the team from Zonar Systems, Seattle, to discuss their […]

Pneumatic-tire rollers are used on the NCAT Test Track to achieve proper compaction and in-place density. Photo courtesy Christine Hall, NCAT, Auburn, Ala.

Use Good Compaction to Extend Pavement Service Life

By Courtney Jones and Nam Tran As stated by R. Bruce Noel at the 1977 annual meeting of the Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists (AAPT), “The single most important construction control that will provide for long-term serviceability is compaction.” When compaction is enhanced, in-place density can be optimized, thereby improving durability and extending pavement service […]

Check the screw in the depth crank. If it’s worn out, it can cause the screed to lurch forward or backward when the screed operator tries to make a simple adjustment. That will mar the mat.

How to Maintain Your Screed

  To pave a smooth mat, a number of variables must be managed, including the condition of the paver. Paving Consultant John Ball, the proprietor of Top Quality Paving and Training, Manchester, New Hampshire, shared that the most important part of the paver to keep in tip-top shape is its screed. If the screed is […]

Rockydale staff member Luis Lopez (left) was a key factor in the Sturtevant Whirlwind air classifier refurbishing and reinstallation process. Ray St. Clair has been with Rockydale for 39 years and has been a major contributor to the proper “care and handling” of the machine.

August Product Gallery

What’s New in Asphalt Production? AsphaltPro sets the standard for equipment and service information by focusing on what’s new in the industry. There are companies in the asphalt industry with R&D departments that have crafted remarkable components for aggregate and asphalt production that stand the test of time. Over the years, those components require mere […]

Hamm HD+ 80i VV-S features split drum compaction

Pave-Tar Construction Paves Canada

  From Wirtgen Group, Photos courtesy Tom Kuennen New asphalt paver, compactors and cold mills from Wirtgen Group are the centerpieces of the expansion for Pave-Tar Construction Ltd., Etobicoke, Ontario, into pavement reconstruction. For over four decades, Pave-Tar and a predecessor firm have provided services such as grading, curb and sidewalk construction, sewer and water […]

Willow Designs’ notch wedge pneumatic roller

Willow Designs’ Notch Wedge Pneumatic Roller

When state DOTS, like Connecticut DOT, started requiring secondary compaction of the notch wedge joint, Jerod Willow, proprietor of Willow Designs, East Berlin, Pa., developed a solution:Willow Designs’ notch wedge pneumatic roller. Although we don’t often get the chance to see notch wedge pneumatic rollers in action due to their heat retaining covers, here’s a […]

In this picture, you can see the scrap metal the contractor has used to create a toolbox for the rakes and shovels in the bed of the truck.

Make A Safe Place to Store Tools

The last thing you want to find at your job site is a messy work truck with tools scattered among cords and tanks and whathaveyou. Instead, create a safer scenario with organized sections of the work truck where even long-handled tools have a neat and tidy home. Look at the toolbox this crew built to […]

Around the Globe

Around The Globe–August 2016

Asphalt industry news and happenings from around the globe Canada GreenMantra Technologies, Brantford, Canada, and EMCO Chemical Distributors, Pleasant Prairie, Wis., have signed an exclusive agreement for EMCO to distribute GreenMantra’s line of Ceranovus® wax products—and other GreenMantra specialty chemicals—in North America. The company uses a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process to transform recycled […]

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