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Takeuchi fleet management (TFM) system comes standard on the new TL6.

New and Updated Paving Equipment for 2018

World of Asphalt/AGG1 is right around the corner, so original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are hard at work putting the final engineering touches on products they’ll introduce...

Around The Globe—January

Africa Gear up for BAUMA CONEXPO Africa in Johannesburg this March 13 through 16. Get all the information at China A trio of reporters from Reuters showed in October that China was importing mixed aromatics—to the tune of over 800,000 tonnes more than they imported in September—out of Europe, in advance of expected import […]

Get Back to Basics with Tank Temperatures

Editor’s Note: Beginning in 2018, AsphaltPro magazine is offering readers a new column to help when training employees at the plant or in the field. This back-to-basics series will give rudimentary—yet useful—tips and tricks for working in the lab, running the plant and paving a quality mat successfully. For this month’s production-related theme, we’re starting […]

Mechanical solutions introduce recycle material away from the burner flame and/or capture stray emissions to be recycled. This is a RAP PAK tower with two 30,000-gallon AC tanks designed to allow production of mixes with up to 40 percent RAP at a batch plant. Photo courtesy Meeker Equipment.

Solve Blue Smoke from High RAP

Do you see a plume of blue smoke when introducing large percentages of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) to your continuous mixing process? If you still see blue smoke when introducing high percentages of RAP to your production process, you may be allowing the binder in the RAP to encounter the flame. Solution: Introduce RAP/FRAP differently.When […]

Recent rain increases hazardous conditions atop the silos. Make sure you use fall protection in addition to good safety railings when going up to perform routine checks and maintenance. Photo courtesy Meeker Equipment.

Make Time for Fall Protection During Seasonal Plant Maintenance

As morbid as this will sound, it will be easy to remember: If you will be working or walking on a surface that is more than six feet above a lower surface, you must have fall arrest protection to safeguard you from going six feet under. The harsh and horrible reality is that not all […]

Both layers of the Laurenco modified bitumen sheet waterproofing have been installed here. Western workers apply a third and final coat of adhesive before placing the 1/8-inch asphalt protection board on top of the adhesive.

Western Specialty Uses Asphalt for Waterproof Roof

From Jennifer Beidle Communications Historic Gateway Arch gets complete museum roof restoration, waterproofing with asphalt bitumen in the mix Western Specialty Contractors—St. Louis Branch—recently completed a project to restore and waterproof the roof of the Museum of Westward Expansion located beneath the iconic Gateway Arch on the St. Louis Riverfront. The work is part of […]

In another strategic move for market growth, CCA moved a plant from Otay in San Diego to a new site in Elsinore, upgrading 65 percent of the plant’s components to meet today’s standards.

California Commercial Asphalt Strategizes Ahead of SB1

Since the California Legislature approved the Road and Repair Accountability Act in April of 2017, California Commercial Asphalt in San Diego has been busy. Also known as SB1, the bill is expected to increase state revenues for California’s transportation system by an average of $5.2 billion each year over the next decade through gas and […]

The contractor is able to use less deicing material on the porous asphalt pavement, and expend less energy plowing the surface. Photo courtesy CASE Construction Equipment.

How to Perform Winter Maintenance on a Porous Pavement

Contractors performing winter pavement maintenance should be clamoring for the jobs that service porous asphalt pavements. It would be irresponsible to say merely “you get to leave it alone,” but the fact is porous asphalt pavements require fewer deicing chemicals and less work than do impervious pavements. Here’s why. First, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) […]

ARTBA Estimates Slight Spending Boost in 2018

The New Year is a time of new resolutions, predictions of the year ahead, and a time to reflect on the past 12 months. As it does every year, ARTBA has published its U.S. Transportation Construction Market Forecast for 2018. Last year, ARTBA predicted a slight decrease, but the decline turned out to be more […]

Use IoT for Asphalt Construction Success

By Jeff Winke Probably the best definition of the Internet of Things (IoT) is offered by the futurist Jacob Morgan, who said the IoT refers to “basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).” This includes everything from smartphones to lamps. It also applies to the […]

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