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The GS18 T GNSS RTK from Leica Geosystems is the first calibration-free tilt-compensating rover of its kind, according to the manufacturer.

November Product Gallery

The November 2017 edition of AsphaltPro includes a focus on controls. While that typically brings plant operations to mind, let’s consider the controls and automation available...
In 2015, the SUNY Sullivan Athletic Department received a $1 million private donation, which they used to turn the outdated tennis courts into basketball courts.

How to Pave a Sport Court: Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Efficiency. Dedication. Precision. These are traits every top-notch athlete must have. They’re also the traits every paving crew laying sport courts must have. After all, no tennis player wants to play uphill, no basketball player wants to dribble through a puddle and no runner wants to trip on a seam in your mat. Like succeeding […]

November: Around The Globe

Australia Austroads, Sydney, Australia, has released its most recent Pavement Work Tips on Taking Representative Samples of Bituminous Binders. You can download the free pdf here. China Petrosil’s Bitumart reported in late September that China had imported 400,000 tons of bitumen in just the month of July, with cargoes from South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and […]

MAPA hosts many events throughout the year, including a golf tournament which supports the association's research and education funds.

Meet the Exec: Dale Williams from Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association

Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association has been representing the asphalt industry in Missouri since 1990. The association has more than 100 members, including 16 producer members representing about 80 percent of all asphalt production in the state. Based in Jefferson City, Missouri, MAPA has been led by Executive Director Dale Williams for seven years. Asphalt Pro […]

Lakeside Industries’ Risk Management and Safety Team (shown from left to right at the Issaquah, Washington site) is Safety & Claims Director Mike O’Neil (with Lakeside since 1988), Safety Specialist Rosa Connell (with Lakeside since 1988), Director of Risk Management Cal Beyer (with Lakeside since 2014), Risk Management & Safety Coordinator Melanie Foister (with Lakeside since 2012), Safety Specialist Mike Shute (with Lakeside since 2011), Risk Management & Safety Administrative Assistant Nisha Choughule (with Lakeside since 2016), and Safety & Health Management Intern Elena Wagar (Central Washington University; summer 2017). Photographer Ryan Anderson.

Lakeside Industries Shares a Winning Safety Strategy

By Cal Beyer and Mike O’Neil Editor’s Note: Annually at its mid-year meeting, the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) presents various Operational Excellence Awards. One of the awards is for safety innovation. Lakeside Industries has been awarded NAPA’s Operational Excellence in Safety Innovation Award three times in the past 10 years—in 2007, 2014 and 2016. […]

Top 10 Tips to Recover from Hurricane Season 2017 with Caution

By Jocelyn Knoll and Diana Parks The hurricane season of 2017 once again forced the construction industry to focus on best practices for responding to major events. The storms reminded company officers to put into action an effective recovery plan with the aim of minimizing, as much as possible, out-of-pocket costs related to hurricane damage […]

Make Regs Physically Easier to Follow, Keep your Tablet in a RUNNER Belt

As more regulations, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s hours-of-service requirements, call for the use of in-field electronics to complete daily, routine tasks, workers need to take delicate equipment into a harsh environment. Face it: construction work tends to kick up dust and dirt that shortens the life of a laptop computer. In […]

Blackstone Construction’s new plant includes the extended Double Barrel, pictured here in the foreground, to allow increased RAP percentages in mix production. All photos courtesy Astec Industries, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Caption for image saved as RAP RAS Feeds

Blackstone Construction Recycles School Assets

In 2016, the Russellville School District in Arkansas awarded a large contract to reroof its middle school facility. As part of the project, the general contractor took 120 tons of shingles off the roof in late December, and wisely partnered with a local roadbuilding contractor that kept the material for future use. “There was some […]

Determine Hot Work Permit Needs

From Larson Electronics Depending on the type of work being conducted, a hot work permit is essential to promoting safety in hazardous locations. Hot work is defined as tasks performed that involve fire hazards, such as welding, tasks using spark-producing equipment, cutting, grinding, soldering, etc. To reduce risks related to combustion, businesses require workers to […]

Production Manager Richard Stott uses the as1 Control System at the Sheffield Aggregate Industries asphalt plant. All photos courtesy Ammann.

Aggregate Industries Uses Crucial International Control Systems

By Pete Kennedy As a production manager at Aggregate Industries, Sheffield, United Kingdom, Richard Stott’s job is to ensure that asphalt is made—and lots of it. But that’s only the start. He must also stay true to the company’s pledge to “create a better-built environment through sustainable approaches.” Delivering on both fronts is no small […]

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