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The Burke asphalt storage tanks from Reliable Asphalt Products have been updated for the season.

All New Asphalt Plant Equipment

At the end of each calendar year, we take a look at the state of the asphalt industry. For this department, we look at equipment and...

Around the Globe: December

Argentina ALLU Group, headquartered in Finland, has announced its newest distributor is Igarreta Maquinas in Argentina. The company will supply the comprehensive range of ALLU Transformer and Soil Stabilization equipment, and will provide full aftermarket care, parts and customer service. Germany Leica Geosystems was recently awarded the first-place prize in the Wichmann Innovations Award programme […]

Wabash Valley has two asphalt plants--one in Terre Haute and one in Cloverdale.

Wabash Valley is All Asphalt, All the Time

Whether it’s a two-lane highway, work along I-70, a college track or a parking lot, if it’s asphalt and it’s in west central Indiana, Wabash Valley Asphalt Company, Terre Haute, Ind., is after it. Although the company does some light excavation and its own stone work, its true focus is–and has always been–asphalt. “We were […]

“Full depth blacktop included 8 inches of base course done in two lifts using 16,200 tons of P-401 HMA, and 4 compacted inches of surface course done in two lifts of 2 inches each,” according to Union Paving Foreman Jim Stayer.

Union Concrete and Construction Gives Buffalo Airport a Lift

By Gini McKain The Buffalo Niagara International Airport for the City of Buffalo, New York, received not just a lift, but many lifts of new asphalt on parts of Runway 14-32. The airport also got a new surface course for the entire runway, which measures 5,412 by 150 feet. It took more than 48,800 tons […]

In May, Trenton Michael Clark was promoted to VAA's executive vice president.

Meet the State Exec: Trenton Clark

Virginia Asphalt Association, Richmond, has been promoting the use of asphalt pavements in Virginia since 1952. Today, VAA boasts 25 producer/contractor members accounting for about 85 percent of the state’s firms. In May, Trenton Michael Clark was promoted to VAA’s executive vice president. AsphaltPro sat down with Clark to discuss the association’s annual events and […]

In this picture, Consepcion Palma-Loya (at left) and Alfredo Velazquez (at right) model their extra safety with the Halo lights on their hard hats. Photos courtesy John Ball, Top Quality Paving & Training, Manchester, New Hampshire.

ILLUMAGEAR’s Halo Light Improves Illumination on the Job Site

This could easily fit in the That’s a Good Idea column, but let’s draw some extra attention to the ring of light affixed to hard hats as a safety device. You’ve seen the Halo Light in the pages of AsphaltPro before. Lately, the teams that make these lights have made them “lighter” in terms of […]

Spot-r is a wearable sensor that alerts a safety supervisor in the event of a slip, trip or fall.

Wearable Technology Makes Construction Safer, More Efficient

Although our equipment gets smarter each and every innovation cycle, the PPE those in the construction industry have worn hasn’t changed much over the past half-century. With the development and growth of wearables, that may soon change. According to a report from ABI Research, the wearable market–including both consumer and enterprise devices–is expected to grow […]

The State of Flat and Elongated Aggregate Requirements for SMA

By Don Watson How cubical do the aggregate particles used in Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) need to be to achieve acceptable performance? European specifications require SMA aggregates to have no more than 30 percent Los Angeles (L.A.) abrasion loss (AASHTO T96) and no more than 20 percent flat and elongated (F&E) particles when measured at […]

International Quarrying

From Magna Tyres A customer in Region Limoges of France started testing with the Magna M-Terrain tires from Magna Tyres Group, headquartered in The Netherlands, on its Liebherr 586 wheel loader. The rock quarry put the machine through its paces for about 1,000 working hours, and still had 88 percent of the tread depth remaining. […]

Conveyor Components’ Model BR Brush

To keep conveyor belts from wearing too soon, cleaning them is a must. The team at Conveyor Components Company, Croswell, Michigan, devised the Model BR brush that affixes to a flat area of the conveyor system to assist in keeping carryback material off the return belt. Here’s how it works. First, the user wires the […]

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