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One of CE Hughes' milling machines

C.E. Hughes Milling Inc. Mills Indiana

When Caroline Hughes was in grade school, she spent an entire summer sorting teeth. “The guys would bring me buckets of teeth to see if we...
To prevent structural rutting, a vertical strain limit of 200 microstrain at the top of the subgrade has been proposed. This will assist in gathering all the correct materials at the correct percentages for the mix.

NCAT Recommends New Criteria for Perpetual Pavements

By Courtney Jones, Christine Hall and Nam Tran Long-life or perpetual pavements are designed and built to last longer than 50 years, requiring only a periodic mill and inlay of the surface layer. The pavement structure is designed using appropriate materials and layer thicknesses to prevent structural distresses that begin at the bottom of the […]

The haul truck you see here obviously garners attention everywhere it goes. Its driver has the responsibility to keep it in excellent repair not only for the company’s good reputation, but also for his safety. By keeping a routine maintenance schedule, haul truck drivers nip problems in the bud. That’s vital when carrying 16, 18 or 20+ tons of hot material through traffic and then delivering that material to a receiving hopper alongside co-workers.

Basic Steps of Haul Truck Maintenance

From NIOSH This month’s product gallery provides the latest innovations OEMs have to offer in haul trucks and trailers. No matter what nifty new feature drivers have to make operations more efficient, there are routine operations they must see to for safety. The researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) remind […]

The service and lube trailer (SLT) from Thunder Creek Equipment has a new chassis, new front-end design and additional upgrades to give contractors optimized fleet management options.

What’s New in Material, Equipment Transport?

Gone are the days when you would drive the paver from one section of a paving project to another section two or three miles down the road. Instead, the supervisor for the project arranges to have a low bed trailer in the staging area to transport the paver and rollers to the second site. In […]

Tarmac TRI-MIX

Tarmac’s TRI-MIX

The TRI-MIX warm-mix injection system from Tarmac International Inc., Lee’s Summit, Mo., is designed for dual use—the producer can set it up for water or chemical injection to create foamed liquid asphalt cement (AC) at lower production temperatures than hot-mix asphalt. Here’s how it works. First, the operator sets the percentage of injected liquid into […]

Stansteel Accu-Shear

Stansteel’s Accu-Shear

The Accu-Shear® from Stansteel/Hotmix Parts, Louisville, Ky., is designed for advanced in-line water foaming of liquid asphalt cement (AC). The shearing process promotes total blending and homogenized flow for warm-mix asphalt (WMA) production. The Accu-Shear is also engineered for in-line blending of rejuvenators, latex, emulsions and most liquid chemicals on the market today with the […]

Reliable Asphalt Products AquaFoam

Reliable’s AquaFoam®

The AquaFoam® warm mix system from Reliable Asphalt Products, Shelbyville, Ky., is designed to foam liquid asphalt cement (AC) binder with water to create a foamed warm-mix asphalt (WMA) product. Here’s how it works. First, a technician fits the AquaFoam components in line at the HMA plant. The 3-inch jacketed injector goes directly into the […]

Meeker Warm Mix System

Meeker’s Warm Mix Systems

Warm-mix asphalt (WMA) production shouldn’t be limited to drum plants. With that truth in mind, the team at Meeker Equipment, Belleville, Pa., created its warm mix systems for use on either drum or batch plants. Here’s how the drum system works. A high-pressure, stainless steel pump, driven by a 3- or 5-horsepower variable frequency drive […]

Caterpillar booth at BAUMA 2016

Cat Smart Iron Unveiled at BAUMA

Doug Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar Inc., unveiled “the Age of Smart Iron” at bauma 2016. The Age of Smart Iron describes Caterpillar’s strategy to be the industry leader bringing digital solutions designed to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and profitability for customers. Together, Caterpillar and Zeppelin Cat had 12,000 square meters of exhibit space […]

In this picture, you can see how the roller will have to smooth the transverse joints into the passes that run perpendicular to the first two passes along the front of the garages. We’ll take an in-depth look at this full project in the August “Big Paving Issue.”

Line Out the Job for Your Roller Operators

We’ve talked before about the importance of lining out the job—whether that’s with string or paint—so you pull all the passes correctly. You want to know which lane to pave first, how many tons should be placed in each lane, and which lane to pull on the way off the project. It’s just as important […]

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