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Steve Murray of Steve Murray Trucking, Hooksett, New Hampshire, uses a Slide-n-Go cover system from Cramaro out of Stuart, Florida. All photos courtesy John Ball, Top Quality Paving & Training, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Put the Haul Truck’s Canopy on Rails

For the 2017 paving season, we dive into an essential area of project management for asphalt professionals: safe and timely delivery of hot-mix or warm-mix asphalt...
Roadtec’s RT-500 Mobile Recycle Trailer

Roadtec’s RT-500 Mobile Recycle Trailer

When a project calls for cold in place recycling (CIR), contractors’ options include the RT-500 mobile recycle trailer from Roadtec, an Astec Industries company, of Chattanooga. This trailer can either be pulled and fed by a milling machine for CIR operations, or set up onsite as a central cold-mix plant to process up to 500 […]

Add Consulting to Your Project Management

By Jon Young Property and facility/site managers are faced with the dilemma of trying to evaluate pavements themselves or hiring a consultant when it comes to caring for their asphalt parking lots. Have you considered acting as a consultant or advisor as part of your customer service offerings on commercial and private jobs? Not all […]

Revise Employee Handbook for Hot Button Issues

The employee handbook can be one of your most important documents as an employer. It is used to introduce the organization to employees, inform them about corporate policies, mitigate risks for the employer and avoid unwelcome administrative scrutiny. Despite all this, many employers create it and then forget about it. A well fashioned employee handbook […]

How to Roll for Bonus, Part 1—New Ideas in Roller Maintenance

If the screed leaves a line in the mat, the roller operator is called on to smooth it out. Mat imperfections, divots, cool spots, anything that isn’t perfect gets left to the breakdown, intermediate and finish rollers to take care of. That means the compaction equipment must be in perfect working order, so the first […]

The RS500 from BOMAG Americas has a forward operating speed of up to 164 feet per minute, and uses variable rotor speeds from 100 to 180 rpm to match rotor speed to the application.

New Asphalt Paving Equipment Gallery: September 2017

This month’s issue focuses on the beginning of quality control with good practices for the lab and mix design. Once you have a good mix, you’ve got to place and compact it with best practices as well. One of the compacting techniques that the experts at Hamm, a Wirtgen Group Company, of Nashville, Tennessee, shared […]

In this picture, you can see extra lights and mirrors on the front of Murray’s truck. He includes lights atop the mirrors and at the corners of the body. Convex mirrors provide extra visibility of areas that would otherwise be blind spots. All photos courtesy John Ball, Top Quality Paving & Training, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Save on Costs with Your Professional Guide to Asphalt Mix Delivery, Part 5—Haul Truck Safety Pays Dividends

Editor’s Note: A few of the ideas in this article involve adding lighting and other elements to the haul truck. Make sure any aftermarket safety equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs. Then be sure to test it for proper operation before going into the field. Include aftermarket devices in routine maintenance and […]

Around The Globe—September

China According to the July 18 Bitumart report from Petrosil Media, Beijing Zhongwu Zhenhua Trading Co. bitumen imports were up by 60 percent in May compared to imports in April. Germany Continental Commercial Specialty Tires (CST), headquartered in Hannover, is expanding its workforce in the Americas, adding two field engineers: Albert Sumeras for the USA […]

The KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® Contractor Unloading System

Charging a hopper in a tight space or in a residential area full of older trees and overhead wires presents paving crew members with a list of safety concerns. The last thing you want is to get an end dump trailer tangled up in live wires. The team at KEITH Manufacturing Co. in Madras, Oregon, […]

Eagle Crusher’s RapidDeploy™

Material is dumped into the vibrating hopper. At the end of the hopper, material flows across the 2-step, 5-foot grizzly deck. Smaller material slips between the bars, allowing it to bypass the crusher and be screened first, reducing wear on the impactor. Material that bypasses the impactor is deposited on the crusher discharge conveyor where […]

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