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Thanks to sensible routine maintenance and scheduled servicing, Li Yu Shan Mining has prevailed, and is again growing its staff of 60 and its machine line-up.

Routine Maintenance, Scheduled Servicing helps Li Yu Shan Mining Succceed

From Volvo Resting on the coast of Eastern China is the ancient province of Zhejiang. Situated 37 miles (60 kilometers) from the provincial capital, Hangzhou, and...
Tips for Universal Compaction

Top Tips for Universal Compaction

Getting your best compaction on a project only happens when the equipment is in good repair and you use it properly. Let’s take a look at this universal roller for some good ideas to help your crew achieve better compaction numbers. These are the top tips for universal compaction. A universal roller like this is best […]

Around the Globe: March/April

Belgium BTC Europe GmbH, which is BASF’s European sales organization, located in Brussels, announced in January that it has joined Eurobitume as an associate member. It is the sixth organization to become part of the European Bitumen Association since January 2016. France Fayat has agreed to buy the Road Construction Equipment Division of Atlas Copco, […]

The Great Race for a Perfect Asphalt Racing Mix

Every racing fan knows that to win, a driver needs a good pit crew. For a racetrack to succeed, it needs a good paving crew. That’s exactly what the owners of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Pahrump, Nevada, found in Wulfenstein Construction Company. Spring Mountain is a motorsports country club that also […]

Construction Safety’s Next Frontier: Suicide Prevention

By Cal Beyer The construction industry is experiencing unprecedented attention to mental health and suicide prevention. Progressive contractors with leading safety, health and wellness programs are embracing mental health and suicide prevention as the next frontier in safety. The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) was born out of necessity. As Sally Spencer-Thomas, Ph.D., […]

Build Protective Factors Against Mental Health Crises, Suicide Risk

  By Sally Spencer-Thomas When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, published its report on Occupation and Suicide July 1, 2016, the construction/extraction industry was stunned to discover that it was ranked No. 1 for highest numbers of suicide. For those of us in the suicide prevention field, this was confirmation of what […]

Stansteel’s Safe-T-Station™

Stansteel’s Safe-T-Station™

When quality control techs collect samples of liquid asphalt cement (AC) at the asphalt plant, attention to safety is paramount. That’s why the team at Stansteel, Louisville, Kentucky, designed the Safe-T-Station™ to assist collection and minimize the risk of asphalt burns. Here’s how it works. Stansteel’s Safe-T-Station is installed inline with the AC delivery to the […]

CEI’s Containerized AR Blending System

CEI’s Containerized AR Blending System

The team at CEI Enterprises, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has developed a containerized asphalt-rubber blending system that fits on two standard 8-foot by 40-foot shipping skids. Here’s how it works. An unloading pump brings virgin asphalt from a supply tank into the unit’s heat exchanger on the first skid—also referred to as the heating unit. A […]

How to Detect Worker’s Compensation Fraud in Your Construction Company

  Workers’ compensation insurance protects employees hurt on the job and is a valuable benefit. Through a workers’ compensation plan, medical expenses, lost wages and other expenses are paid while a worker recovers from an injury sustained while on the job. Workers’ compensation fraud is a crime. It occurs when someone knowingly or willfully makes […]

Vogele’s new Super 2000-3i asphalt paver is a 10-foot tracked paver

Check Out New Paving Equipment, Services

Editor’s Note: Your AsphaltPro staff compiles new and updated product information in each edition of the magazine. This month’s product gallery focuses on the paving and pavement maintenance sector of the asphalt industry. Check in next issue for the production and plant-related equipment and services that enhance your bottom line. As you update your paving […]

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