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The RapiDeploy portable crusher from Eagle Crusher has built-in, retractable conveyors, and a hydraulic lift and leveling system to enable quick set-up and tear-down.

New Asphalt Production Equipment, Technology Improve Bottom Lines

  Whether it was on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March or released in the past few months in preparation for season startup, new technology and equipment...
GSSI's PaveScan RDM Asphalt Density Assessment Tool

GSSI’s PaveScan RDM Asphalt Density Assessment Tool

  Achieving proper density is key to avoiding premature failures in your pavement. That’s why asphalt density assessment tools, like the PaveScan RDM from Geophysical Survey Systems Inc., Nashua, N.H., are so important. The PaveScan RDM automatically measures dielectric value in real time to detect poor uniformity and variations in density without the need to […]

Attendees flocked to see the world’s first 3D-printed excavator.

ConExpo Tech Experience Pavilion Shows Future Engines, Machines

  As you’ve seen throughout this New Products edition of AsphaltPro, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking into the future with the iron and technology recently introduced. At CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017, a Tech Experience pavilion anchored the largest show floor in history. Tech challenges issued before the show culminated on site and experts offered […]

Lorraine D'Angelo explains how far employers can go to investigate workers' compensation fraud.

How Far Can Employers Go to Investigate Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

By Lorraine D’Angelo & Silvia Zicherman Workers’ Compensation fraud is one of the fastest growing areas of fraud. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that Workers’ Compensation fraud accounts for approximately 25 percent of fraud perpetrated and costs $7.2 billion annually. During economic downturns and recessions, cheating becomes more prevalent. Often claimants take on second […]

The mechanic has welded a bucket-like receptacle behind the truck’s cab to hold the spray can of release agent where it is easy to reach, yet out of the way.

Keep Mix from Sticking, Release Agent in Reach

Haul truck drivers have as much need of a biodegradable release agent as any other member of the paving crew for keeping their equipment clean. A clever way to keep release agent within easy reach is to make a holder for the spray can right on the truck chassis. Look at this good idea. In […]


Here’s How Roadworx Hit Environmental Regs in Australia

From Ammann Darryl Byrne of Roadworx has been involved in the purchase of multiple asphalt plants during his career. Recently, he had the added pressure of environmental regulators and residents keeping a close watch. “We didn’t rush the decision,” Byrne said. He’s the general manager of Roadworx, an Australian provider of road maintenance services with […]

Asphalt Plant Superintendent Robbie Freels for APAC Missouri Inc. participated in the approval of three Hercules Tress Arch Buildings that are 65 feet wide by 60 feet long to store asphalt recycle material.

Southwind RAS Shows Sustainable Building Options for Asphalt Business

By Amanda Williams The benefits of the asphalt industry to today’s world are endless. As a cost-effective solution for many construction and design needs, asphalt recycling in particular allows businesses to save on materials while allowing citizens to save billions of tax dollars. The team at Southwind RAS LLC, with headquarters in Bartlett, Illinois, and […]

Martin Marietta’s project on College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colo., won this year’s Urban Highway Resurfacing Award from the Colorado Asphalt Paving Association. You can see the finished project here at the Horsetooth Intersection.

Martin Marietta Coordinates for Success on College Avenue Project in Fort Collins

Most jobs require a certain level of coordination—among crewmembers, with the plant, with the client, etc. Martin Marietta took effective coordination to a whole new level with a recent project along College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado, and its hard work paid off: the project won this year’s Urban Highway Resurfacing Award from the Colorado […]

Why You Need to Tack Before Paving

Asphalt emulsion bond coats glue layers of pavement together, give pavements durability by helping them resist shear forces. Here we’ll talk about why you need to tack before paving. By Tom Kuennen Asphalt emulsion bond coats stop delamination and movement of conventional or thin asphalt overlays when they are placed over bituminous, Portland cement concrete […]

Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals aims to protect industry workers

Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals aims to protect industry workers

By Ross Myers & David Walls Several human resource websites offer checklists and other guidance for what to do when an employee dies on the job. Such lists usually begin with calling 911 and contacting the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), dealing with the media, keeping the business operating, and even suggesting tips on […]

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