Asphalt Lane Children's Activity Book

Asphalt Lane Children’s Activity Book

By AsphaltPro Magazine

Asphalt Pro magazine is proud to announce the launch of Asphalt Lane: A children’s activity book designed to deliver a positive educational message to your local school children.

Told through the eyes of Chuck the truck and his sidekick Chuck Jr. The story of Asphalt Lane is a perfect opportunity for you to use as a public relations tool.

Many companies purchase Asphalt Lane to give to their local school districts as an educational resource, for open houses or to give to community groups as an activity book. There are many creative ways your company can use Asphalt Lane to tell the story of how our roads are built.

1 to 50 copies is $14
51 to 200 copies is $31
201 to 500 copies is $52

Please call for pricing on the activity book and shipping for quantities of 500 and above.

Shipping to Canada is $129 for up to 200 copies.

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