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Illuminate Your Everyday Operation for Safety

Roving Reporter John Ball (proprietor of Top Quality Paving, Manchester, N.H.) was delighted to see the Dynapac booth at the 2011 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show so he could point out the safety features included on the company’s paver.

Dynapac Paver

Check out the reflective tape that illuminates the screed, endgates, steps and important features on this tractor and screed.

“This Carlson screed on a Dynapac tractor features the kind of illumination I like to see on the back of the paving operation. Look at the reflective tape on the screed and extensions, on each of the steps leading up to the platform, and on the frame of the tractor. This machine has orange diamonds to indicate the vehicle travels at less than 25 miles per hour on the left and right up there and features a retractable strobe light on the operator’s platform. The strobe pole goes up and down three feet so it can be set high enough to stay out of the operator’s eyes or can be lowered to stay out of wires and tree limbs.”

Check out the lighting features on this Hamm roller as well. Hamm Roller“Notice that the OEM has placed three sets of lights on the front of this Hamm roller, and has placed the high-intensity lights low down where they shine directly on the road and show the water lines on the drum. Immediately above the high-intensity lights are directional lights. Recessed in the frame of the roller so that the cylindrical light structures are flush with the roller, the OEM has placed the marker lights. These shine orange and won’t get smacked off by errant shovels.”