Producers & Contractors

This section of The AsphaltPro website will bring you producer profiles, project stories and how-to articles that give you examples of innovative and tried-n-true practices in asphalt production, asphalt laydown, crushing, hauling, conveying, etc.

Be sure to scroll through the excerpts to find the pieces that offer you the nuggets you’re looking for to enhance your bottom line. The popular “When it Rains it Porous” article on how to build a porous asphalt pavement is located here under the “paving & placement” subhead. You’ll also find the often-requested rolling pattern article from Chuck Deahl under that subhead.

The ever-popular permitting article series that appeared in AsphaltPro’s early editions shows up in our “plants & production” subhead.

If there’s an article from our past that you’re interested in seeing here, let us know!