Have an Article Idea?

Do you have an idea for an article that you’d like to see in the print edition of AsphaltPro magazine?

We’re all ears!

Send us a note at sandy @ theasphaltpro dot com telling us about your idea. We encourage you to brag on your paving and/or production crew!

If you have some good places where we could start gathering information about your idea, please list those places and phone numbers in your e-mail. Don’t forget to include YOUR phone number, too, so we can call and ask you some questions. Remember, we’re industry advocates. We may be “the media,” but we’re members of the media who know the environmental and cost benefits of asphalt. We’re on your team.

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AsphaltPro Magazine Themes for 2011

While the ideas you have for articles don’t have to fit a particular issue’s theme, the staff at AsphaltPro does plan specific topics for you to meet your planning needs at specific times of the year. We work on these topics two to three months in advance of the publication date. Here are the themes we’ll cover in addition to our typical informative and how-to departments and features during the 2011 calendar year.

January: Better Production Practices (ad space deadline is 12/10/10)

February: Automation & Technology; CONEXPO-CON/AGG Exhibition and Education Information (ad space deadline is Jan. 15)

March: Better Paving Practices; CONEXPO-CON/AGG Information (ad space deadline is Feb. 15)

April/May: The Safety Zone; You’ve Got to Move It (hauling) (ad space deadline is March 15)

June/July: Lab Ts; Materials in the Mix (ad space deadline is May 15)

August/September: Overseas Market (ad space deadline is July 15)

October: Green Environment (ad space deadline is Sept. 15)

November: Movers & Shakers (conveyors, screens, etc.); From Mill & Fill to FDR with HMA (ad space deadline is Oct. 15)

December: State of the Industy (ad space deadline is Nov. 15)