Asphalt Paving 101 Course

Crews that train right get bonuses. How are you ensuring every member of your crew—even the new guy—knows what it takes to pave a perfect mat?

Training is key to improve safety, uptime and quality on your asphalt paving jobs. In fact, an effective training program can improve your bottom line up to 10 percent a year!

Equip your crew with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Check out our upcoming course, Asphalt Paving 101.

In this course, your crew will learn:

  • Job descriptions and responsibilities for every member of the paving crew
  • How to stay safe on the job site
  • How to maintain their equipment properly
  • Best practices to heat the screed and other heated items
  • How to prepare for paving, including centering tow points and setting the main screed crown, the end gates, the auger heights and more
  • How to build a takeoff ramp
  • How to dump the truck and fill the auger chamber
  • How to determine fluff factor and yield
  • + So much more

We bring together decades of best practices and top experts in the paving industry, including Paving Consultant and NPE Hall of Fame inductee John Ball, into one comprehensive course to teach your crew—new and old—how to pave properly.

This course will help you save thousands of dollars in travel and training costs. You can train your whole crew in one place on your own schedule—no more wasted rain days!

Not only is it an ideal tool to give new crew members an overview of the paving process, but it’s also a useful refresher of best practices for returning crew members and an excellent resource to cross-train your crew before they get to the jobsite.

Enroll today!