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Although the T-2 is portable, most asphalt is hauled back to where the city stores its asphalt to be recycled and is then transported to the job in a hot box.

How to Perform Street Repairs with the KM T-2 Asphalt Recycler

When it comes to performing a lasting repair, the persistent freeze thaw cycles...
The contractor is able to use less deicing material on the porous asphalt pavement, and expend less energy plowing the surface. Photo courtesy CASE Construction Equipment.

How to Perform Winter Maintenance on a Porous Pavement

Contractors performing winter pavement maintenance should be clamoring for the jobs that service...
Gasoline, motor oil and other chemicals can wear down the surface of asphalt—particularly in high-traffic parking lots. Tell customers to monitor for any leaks from vehicles. If a spill or leak does occur, tell them to clean it as soon as possible.

When Sealcoating Isn’t Enough: How to Sell Your Customers on Replacing, Resurfacing or Patching

By Bea Bonte Cracks, wear and potholes are telltale signs of asphalt damage,...

How to Choose the Right Sealcoat Machine

By Maury Bagwell, lead engineer, Neal Division of Blastcrete Equipment Company Like all...
LeeBoy’s new CSV816 variable width chip spreader

Check Out New Paving Equipment

As you make plans for 2017, new paving equipment may be on your...
Spray injection patching cleans, tacks, fills and compacts in one continuous operation. The process requires a one- or two-person crew, can be used in cool or damp conditions, and doesn’t require a roller. Photo courtesy of Crafco Inc.

How to Patch for Future Pavement Preservation

Patching is an important process in any pavement maintenance program. We have the...

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