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Billy Lopes, who is in the back of the truck, manipulates the crane that brings the plate compactor on board. Greg Pacheco, on the ground, helps guide the plate compactor. Notice the wheels hanging in the “down” position.

Put Wheels on the Plate Compactor

Make life easier for the laborers by making the heavy plate compactor easier...
The density tech is an integral part of the crew. He helps set the rolling pattern and guides the roller operators based on numbers he sees on the density gauge. Jaret Morse of TransTech Systems, Latham, New York, suggested gauge operators take readings immediately behind the breakdown roller in many places across the width of the mat. This will give a fuller picture of compaction progress than one or two readings in random places where you “guess” a state inspector might take a core. Then use the data to make rolling pattern adjustments right away. Photo courtesy TransTech.

How to Roll for Bonus, Part 2—Ideas for Perfect Compaction

If misalignment of the screed sections leaves a line in the mat, the...

How to Roll for Bonus, Part 1—New Ideas in Roller Maintenance

If the screed leaves a line in the mat, the roller operator is...
The four-phase project included removal and replacement of the entire eastern taxiway at Sacramento International Airport.

Granite Construction Models Success with Intelligent Compaction

Granite Construction prepares for the new norm, hitting 100 percent bonus along the...
Tips for Universal Compaction

Top Tips for Universal Compaction

Getting your best compaction on a project only happens when the equipment is...

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