Wednesday | March 21, 2018

Spray Every Truck Before Milling

tack spray wand

The worker stands on top of the platform with his hard hat and other personal protective equipment on. Notice this crew also uses orange flags attached to the trailer’s wheel guard to help the truck drivers find their way without getting too close to the stairs. When a truck pulls up, the worker sprays the release agent.

We’ve discussed the importance of coating truck beds with a release agent before they receive millings on a job. Here’s another way to get the product in place.

This crew took an old metal stairway from the plant, mounted it on a trailer and brought it to the job. Notice the tank of release agent is situated beneath the platform where a worker can stand.

He has a wand that he operates manually when trucks drive up after dumping their loads into the paver. After he sprays them with a quick coat of release agent, they’re ready to get in line at the front of the milling portion of the job. It makes easier work of quality control in the field.


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