Tuesday | January 23, 2018

Roadtec’s SP-200 Spray Paver™

Placing an ultrathin lift often requires a tack coat to make sure you get a good bond to the existing pavement. Then you don’t want a haul truck picking up tack on his tires and leaving inconsistent spots in your mat. Contractors who want to simplify the process can turn to Roadtec for the SP-200 Spray Paver™ that sprays tack seconds before laying mix. Of course, you may need to switch to paving without tack, and there’s no point in switching out the paving train for that when the SP-200 can perform conventional paving as well.

Here’s How It Works

An operator loads liquid tack into the 2,100-gallon tank before the paving operation begins. A 500,000-btu heater heats a hot oil system, which keeps the tack in the tank at the proper temperature.

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The liquid tack continuously circulates through the system, and an onboard microprocessor controls the rate of flow to the spray bar, which is directly in front of the paving augers. The valves on the spray bar are arranged in sets of three so the paver operator can drive forward at higher speeds with plenty of spray capacity. A pan captures excess tack, and the material is pumped back to the heated tank.

The spray bars extend as needed with the screed and each nozzle can be manually shut off for partial passes.

For the final steps, and for conventional paving at any time, a material transfer vehicle (MTV) delivers mix directly to the SP-200 gravity-fed hopper, which has a capacity of 11 tons. The 14- by ¾-inch spreading augers deliver the mix to the Eagle 10™ hydraulically extendable, vibrating screed.

For more information, contact Roadtec at (800) 272-7100 or (423) 265-0600 or visit www.roadtec.com. Tell them Asphalt Pro sent you.

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