Wednesday | March 21, 2018

Roadtec’s RT-500 Mobile Recycle Trailer

When a project calls for cold in place recycling (CIR), contractors’ options include the RT-500 mobile recycle trailer from Roadtec, an Astec Industries company, of Chattanooga. This trailer can either be pulled and fed by a milling machine for CIR operations, or set up onsite as a central cold-mix plant to process up to 500 tons of material per hour. Here’s how the mobile option works:

A cold planer removes an old pavement layer, feeding this material into the entry chute of the RT-500.

From there, the reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) moves onto the double deck screen of the RT-500. The 5- by 14-foot, low-profile, double deck, flat screen with fully adjustable amplitude and frequency, separates RAP material by size. It allows material of proper size to pass through, while oversize material is routed to the horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher.

The 3048 HSI crusher uses four rows of hammer bars and wedge design to downsize the material, and then recirculates it to the top deck of the screen. All RAP material ends up in the twin shaft, 6-foot pugmill mixer.

A computer-controlled additive system meters up to three additives to flow from tankers, which are either pushed or pulled by the cold planer, into the pugmill mixer to meet the RAP. Data flows from the belt scale, which is located between the screen and pugmill mixer, to the additive metering system, to ensure accurate additive injection to the pugmill.

The reclaimed material leaves the pugmill via a discharge conveyor or through a chute into a windrow when the RT-500 is used in the paving train.

For more information, contact Kyle Hammon at (423) 265-0600.

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