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Reliable Asphalt Products’ Tessera Software with eRoutes™

Reliable Asphalt Products’ Tessera Software with eRoutes™

To facilitate efficient haul truck loading and ticketing as well as accurate customer billing, plant operators and managers have cutting edge technology available to them. The team at Reliable Asphalt Products, Shelbyville, Kentucky, offers the MINDS “Tessera” Ticketing and Loadout Software equipped with eRoutes™ data capture technology. Here’s how it works:

When the haul truck driver comes to the plant for loadout, the plant operator brings up a “ticketing” screen in the MINDS software to begin a new ticket. This intuitive screen leads him through the steps to look up the customer or job with whom the driver is associated. Because the MINDS system allows plants to store truck information by license plate or DOT registration number, the plant operator can automatically bring up the correct weight and other information regarding the vehicle.

The “customer lookup” and “job lookup” screens allow the plant operator to direct the driver to the correct silo where the job’s specific mix waits. He uses the “price conditions lookup” and “material lookup” screens to select the correct data for billing and for loadout, respectively.

With the “loadout” screen, the plant operator is able to type in the tons to be loaded from the selected silo, and the system ensures that amount is dropped into the truck in the programmed number of drops. The “loadout” screen also shows the plant operator the remaining silo inventory.

Finally, the eRoutes Gateway Manager uses a ticketing computer with eRoutes Gateway Service to send data through the Internet/Intranet server to the ERP/invoicing database and to the printer simultaneously. The printed ticket contains mix information, billing information, tonnage, etc. for the driver to deliver to the foreman on the job site. Plant operation data can also be captured and used for analysis. Both the production and operational information reports can be sent on a regular schedule (i.e. end of day reports) or on demand via email or text message.

For more information, contact Will Rabatin at (866) 647-1782.

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