Thursday | February 22, 2018

Mauldin’s 1750-C Asphalt Paver


Asphalt contractors want to enhance their potential to take on both big and small projects. For improved flexibility, the 1750-C commercial class asphalt paver from Mauldin Paving Products, Taylors, South Carolina, is designed to pave widths ranging from 8 to 16 feet. Here’s how it works.

First, the haul truck delivers mix to the paver’s 8-ton hopper, where dual-feed conveyors in the hopper floor deliver the mix to the paver’s four-auger system. Meanwhile, the paver’s two-speed outboard-mounted polyurethane crawler track drive system moves the machine forward.

Next, the four-auger automatic feed control system supplies a constant head of material to the screed. The auger on each extension is mounted to the endgate. When the endgate slides back in, the auger on the extension goes under the mainline auger and the two rotate in the same direction, preventing segregation and feeding material to the screed.

The 1750-C distributes heat through the 4,500-pound screed using four propane-powered burners on the main screed and one on each extension. The screed can be optionally equipped with thermostat-controlled automatic electric heat. Meanwhile, the 3/8-inch-by-18-inch free-floating vibratory screed plate initially compacts the mat.

At the back of the machine, there are dual control stands with adjustable control heights for seated or standing use, and full machine controls, including automatic sonic feed control. Operators also have access to an electronic gauge display with engine diagnostics and electric-over-hydraulic controls with joystick steering and a pause/resume switch for controlled stops and starts.

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