Wednesday | March 21, 2018

Light Up the Worker

Your work zone is only as far as you can see at night. You want to light it up, as this crew has done with the lights on the top of the paver operator’s station, over the hopper and other areas. If you walk into areas between machines, you may be entering non-lit spaces that feel dangerous. If there’s nighttime traffic flowing past your work zone, those spaces are twice as dangerous.

pic118 night shotThe best lighting this crew has done is on each individual. Each worker has reflective stickers on his hard hat and the required reflective tape on and around his safety vest. Remember that vests must be zipped closed in front so the reflective strip goes all the way around your body and so you don’t have loose flaps of clothing to get caught in equipment.

These workers have taken illumination a step further by using reflective Velcro tape around their ankles and wrists. Every extra flash of light on your body is an extra piece of safety when you’re working at night. If that extra bit of reflective tape or blinking light catches a motorist’s eye and keeps him or her from driving into the dark part of the work zone where you are, it has just saved your life.

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