Thursday | February 22, 2018

LeeBoy’s 8520 Asphalt Paver

The 8520 asphalt paver from LeeBoy, Lincolnton, North Carolina, may look like the company’s 8515 asphalt paver, but its stretched frame packs a powerful punch when it comes to commercial paving.

By extending the frame by about one foot, LeeBoy was able to accommodate a larger hopper and a bigger engine–a 106-hp Kubota Tier IV Final engine–for heavy commercial paving operations. Here’s how the 8520 asphalt paver works.

First, the haul truck delivers mix to the 8520’s 9-ton hopper, where dual independent 3-foot feeding conveyors in the hopper floor slowly deliver mix to the paver’s two 12-inch augers.
As the paver’s hydrostatically powered, maneuverable, self-cleaning crawler type tracks move the machine forward at a paving speed of approximately 160 FPM, its height-adjustable oscillating push rollers move the haul truck forward.

Next, the two independent, hydraulically driven, segmented augers push material out to the end gates. Two independently-operated 4-foot wide under auger material cutoff gates are key to LeeBoy’s material management system that aims to deliver asphalt consistently while paving and reduce material clean up.

With the machine’s three separate hydraulic systems, one for the augers, one for the conveyors and one for the 12kw generator, the 8520 asphalt paver allows for high-production commercial output.

Then the material passes under the 8520’s Legend Heavy Duty (HD) free floating 96-inch electric screed with two 44-inch extensions and two hydraulic vibrators to provide initial compaction (up to 3400 vibrations per minute). The paver can pave widths up to 15 feet at depths between 0 and 6 inches.

At the back of the machine, a sliding control panel allows the operator to adjust augers, screed extension, cut-offs, screed, hopper wings, conveyors, grade controls, steering and lights. Screed control boxes on each side can also control extensions, cutoffs, auger and slope.

For more information, visit or contact LeeBoy sales at or 704-966-3300.

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