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John Ball is the proprietor of Top Quality Paving and Training, Manchester, New Hampshire. He provides personal, on-site paving consulting services around the United States and into Canada. For more information, contact him at (603) 493-1458 or

The foreman will figure where the paver will begin the project and how it will pull each pass to complete the job most efficiently.

Give Your Foreman Time to Execute the Job Right

One of the best ways to ensure you make money on your next...
A list of “don’ts” isn’t meant to embarrass or punish anyone; it’s meant to remind us that we all have habits or methods we may have learned that need refining. Work together as a team to fine-tune and fix the elements of paving for a top quality job every day.

Top 10 Paving Don’ts

In 2017, AsphaltPro magazine launched an online course that I consulted on to...
In this picture, Consepcion Palma-Loya (at left) and Alfredo Velazquez (at right) model their extra safety with the Halo lights on their hard hats. Photos courtesy John Ball, Top Quality Paving & Training, Manchester, New Hampshire.

ILLUMAGEAR’s Halo Light Improves Illumination on the Job Site

This could easily fit in the That’s a Good Idea column, but let’s...
Billy Lopes, who is in the back of the truck, manipulates the crane that brings the plate compactor on board. Greg Pacheco, on the ground, helps guide the plate compactor. Notice the wheels hanging in the “down” position.

Put Wheels on the Plate Compactor

Make life easier for the laborers by making the heavy plate compactor easier...
This team has attached an 8-inch convex mirror to a heavy duty, flat magnet so they can position the mirror for the paver operator’s benefit and the screed operator’s benefit. All photos courtesy John Ball, Top Quality Paving & Training, Manchester, New Hampshire.

Where to Put Mirrors on Your Paver for Optimal Safety

One way to increase visibility on any piece of heavy equipment is with...
The mechanic has welded a bucket-like receptacle behind the truck’s cab to hold the spray can of release agent where it is easy to reach, yet out of the way.

Keep Mix from Sticking, Release Agent in Reach

Haul truck drivers have as much need of a biodegradable release agent as...
Tips for Universal Compaction

Top Tips for Universal Compaction

Getting your best compaction on a project only happens when the equipment is...
Pay attention to the cleanliness of the screed overall to keep cold chunks of material from randomly affecting your asphalt mat. Photos courtesy John Ball of Top Quality Paving and Training.

Top Tips for a Clean Asphalt Mat

Getting a clean asphalt mat behind the paver is more likely to happen...
In this picture, we see that the crew is moving down the lane with a good head of material extending to the endgate. The mix is reaching the endgate sufficiently to build the edge of the pavement, but you will want to watch your tunnel placement also. Photo courtesy Chris Harrison.

How to Protect the Feed Sensor, Protect Quality and Save Money at the Paver

  When the feed sensor costs between $1,500 and $2,000 to replace and...
spray the tailgate

Save Money and Keep the Haul Truck Clean

One way to save your company thousands of dollars, whether you sub out...

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