Thursday | February 22, 2018

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Jeff Winke

Jeff Winke has contributed articles to Asphalt Pro as a guest author.

Use IoT for Asphalt Construction Success

By Jeff Winke Probably the best definition of the Internet of Things (IoT)...
To complete milling over 150,000 square yards of 4.25 inches to grade within a 96-hour window took careful planning and staging.

Turtle Southeast Inc. Preps for Air Force Base Resurface

When an Air Force Base has to close its only runway, it’s all...

Suit-Kote Recycles Hwy 243

If state roads were people, New York State Highway 243 would be considered...

Knife River’s Rehabbed Pavement Gets $605,000 Bonus

It may be the smoothest 10 miles of interstate highway in the state...
Check out Austin Bridge & Road’s good paving practices with chalklines marking out their paving pattern. With a high profile project with high standards of specifications, crew members remember attention to detail.

Racetrack Asphalt Mixes Require Perfection

Just as not all paving projects are the same, not all auto racing...

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