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Atlas Copco’s Auger & Tunnel Drive Systems

Atlas Copco’s Auger & Tunnel Drive Systems

Jobsite conditions and performance requirements for 10-foot pavers constantly change. Pavers need to provide high-quality mat in a variety of applications, including mainline paving, city and county roads and large parking lots.

The team at Atlas Copco, Commerce City, Colo., designed the F1000’s optional auger systems—the center drive auger system and exclusive outboard drive auger system—to give contractors the flexibility to choose either option based on jobsite conditions and mix designs. Contractors can switch from one type of auger system to another on the same machine in less than five hours, according to the manufacturer. Here’s how they work.

The center drive auger system is ideal on projects where the width of the pavement will frequently change. First, the haul truck must deliver material to the hopper. When the asphalt reaches the paver’s center drive auger, the 6-inch-wide center chain box, combined with kickback flights, pushes the optimum amount of mix under the chain box. The paver’s 17-inch-diameter flights are designed to run smoothly to minimize material agitation. For units equipped with Atlas Copco’s optional hydraulic auger tunnel extension, the system automatically retracts as the screed extensions retract, managing the head of material in the tunnel area to prevent build-up of material.

The outboard drive auger system is ideal for paving wide roads or projects requiring changing mix design. After the haul truck delivers material to the hopper, the outboard drive auger system gets to work. To provide uniform flow without any restrictions, the outboard drive auger system has no center chain box. Instead, the augers are driven from the outside, which allows the material to flow seamlessly under the center of the screed. This type of system helps to eliminate centerline segregation.

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