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Asphalt Paving 101: Train Online, Anywhere, Anytime, Rain or Shine

Crews that train right get bonuses. It’s that simple.

Employees that understand what they’re supposed to do and how it affects the bottom line are more likely to leave behind a quality mat. So, it’s important that every paving company is providing their crews with the training they need to succeed on the job.

The team at AsphaltPro Magazine knows training is vital to improve safety, uptime and quality. That’s why, last spring, we launched Asphalt Paving 101. This online course has already enabled hundreds of asphalt paving professionals to drill down on the skills they need to succeed.

The video-based course can be watched anywhere, at any time, on any device, by your entire crew. But, this September, we really turned up the heat on this course with new and improved video segments on the jobsite with course trainer John Ball, quizzes to test your crew’s progress, and even more tips and tools to download and take to the jobsite.

On the Jobsite with John Ball

One of the most significant updates to the course includes taking your crew to the jobsite with Paving Consultant and NPE Hall of Fame inductee John Ball–without paying for airfare or even leaving the comfort of your conference room or living room, regardless of the weather. They can head out to the jobsite with John on any rain day.

Your employees can walk around the paver alongside John to watch exactly how to set up the paver, step-by-step. They can glimpse into distributor trucks and listen to QC/QA techs talk about how to best perform their duties every day.

When we explain how to center tow point cylinders, your crew won’t have to wonder where they are on the paver and what that process looks like. They’ll know before they even step foot on the job.

Quizzes Test Your Crew’s Progress

In the latest update, Asphalt Paving 101 also added quizzes for your crew to complete so you can test their progress and ensure they’re learning the best practices of paving a perfect mat.

With our downloadable quizzes, you’ll be able to make sure your crew is learning what they should. Do they know what the laborer is responsible for? Do they know what personal protective equipment is required on the job? Do they know how to inspect the distributor truck before every shift? Do they know how to prep the paver before the first haul truck arrives?

After watching Asphalt Paving 101, they’ll know all this and more.

Tips and Tools to Take to the Jobsite

Asphalt Paving 101 is chock-full of valuable information to train new employees, cross train existing employees, and provide a refresher for veteran employees. It covers everyone on the paving train’s job responsibilities, how to stay safe on the job, best practices for maintaining your equipment, heating the paver, prepping the paver, dumping the first load, determining fluff factor and yield, and more.

In addition to the video-based curriculum, all along the way we’ve added downloadable resources and tip sheets for your crew to take to the job with them, including tonnage reports, maintenance checklists and trucking guidelines, to name a few.

About Asphalt Paving 101

When you enroll your company in Asphalt Paving 101, your entire crew can watch the course anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can sit everyone down in the conference room on a rainy day or tell them to watch the courses from home this winter. Simply give them the login credentials you receive when you enroll and everyone is good to go.

Your enrollment grants you and your crew lifetime access to the course, plus one year of free upgrades just like the one we’ve listed here. After that, you can subscribe to the course for a nominal fee per month to receive continuous updates.

To enroll in or preview the updated course, visit

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